The menu at Louie’s Café includes typical diner selections like hamburgers, chicken fried steak, clubs and grilled cheese sandwiches. Our burgers are made with 100% ground chuck, never frozen, and are grilled with onions. Louie burgers are most often served with Cajun Hashbrowns, which are cube-diced potatoes steamed and then fried on the flat top with onions and creole seasoning.

Like any eaterie, what makes this diner stand out are the off-beat items. Gumbo, sautteed seafood salads and poboys are essential for our Louisiana menu. Louie’s Café also has many healthy and vegetarian-friendly selections. Our Phyllis sandwich is like a vegetable stir-fry with cheese, served on a choice of sandwich breads or poboy buns. Our signature item (it’s on the tshirt,) the Veggie Omelet, is made with ten different vegetables. From fresh fruit salads to Super Hashbrowns, Louie’s Café can be the healthiest or the most indulgent part of your day.

All breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items are available 24/7 except for the homemade biscuits. Louie’s buttermilk biscuits are served only 6-11 am, so customers have to get here early to get their biscuit fix.