Louie’s Cafe is a 24 hour diner located at the North Gates of LSU. It is a popular spot for LSU students, faculty and sports fans.

Louie’s Cafe was established near the Louisiana State University campus in 1941. Louie served customers fresh made cheeseburgers, hashbrowns and omelets, and the café became an LSU institution.

The current owner, Jimmy, took over Louie’s Café in 1978, and the ten stool diner continued the tradition there until 1986, when Jimmy decided to move to a nearby location with a little more space. There, Louie’s Cafe became a 60 seat, 24-hour establishment with an expanded menu, serving bar-going college students as well as the breakfast and lunch crowd. In 2014, Louie's moved a few doors down to Lake Street, with an expanded kitchen and lots of parking.

Because of the proximity to LSU, much of the focus at Louie’s is the student and parent crowd, who visit when it’s time to move in and out of dorms or apartments, attend graduation ceremonies, or attend sporting events. The most exciting time of the year is the fall semester, during football season, because the café is walking distance from the stadium. But it’s not just the game crowd that loves Louie’s. We also have customers who are old school from the time that Louie himself worked the grill, and we have many loyal customers who have never eaten at Louie’s when the sun is out.